글로벌 링크

Welcome to Yeongdeungpo-gu Council

Organization & Present Status

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  • Chairperson
    • Vice chairperson
    • Steering Committee
    • Administration Committee
    • Society & Construction Committee
    • Secretary General
      • Special Members
      • Legislation Team
      • Agenda Team
      • PR Team

Chairperson / Vice chairperson

From the members, each of chairperson and vice chairperson are elected through secret vote. The chairperson represents the council, arranges agenda, keeps the order of the council hall and supervises the office work of the council while the vice chairperson acts as the chairperson in the event of the absence


The members are representatives of the residents and elected through the popular, equal, direct and secret vote. Currently, the council consists of 17 members.

Standing Committee

In the council, 3 standing committees are organized; steering, administration and society & construction, but a special committee may be organized to deal with, review and resolve a special agenda.